Haiku by Ulf Mohager

# 626.
dark autumn clouds -
dissolving, giving a
double dawn

# 625.
pheeew - one last
exhalation, and it´s
summer vacation

# 624.
gray morning -
day breaks just as slow
as spring itself

# 623.
fooled, again -
by the warmth behind
the window

# 622.
chilly spring walk -
but at home, in full bloom:
the magnolia

# 621.
even a gray
and dull spring morning is
a spring morning

# 620.
steaming onsen bath -
and a light snowfall
on my forehead

# 619.
winter motion -
slowly spiralling

# 618.
dawn meditation -
the bus takes me
on two rides

# 617.
cold autumn rain -
our most overrated
season of the year

# 616.
to be
and not to be -
that´s the answer

# 615.
beyond rest -
as the rain falls
fall autumn leaves

# 614.
slipping away
in wet leaves with
canvas shoes

# 613.
october dawn
in the wind, whirling -
a cold drizzling rain

# 612.
"doing nothing" -
a step forwards, but
still something

# 611.
silent, slow -
sole magnolia petal
and me: falling

# 610.
coming, going -
always at home, always

# 609.
such a fragile cloud -
and we´re thrown back into
ordinary spring

# 608.
spring morning -
breaking just as I
walk out the door

# 607.
quiet spring rain -
cut a single drop with
sword of emptiness

# 606.
damp sand...
footprints lingering, until
the next wave

# 605.
so what to do...
let go of the cracks, or
fill them with gold?

# 604.
cold spring rain -
northward changing
into snow

# 603.
to get rid of
all the shadows - just
switch off the sun

# 602.
like the fish seems
to be still in the stream -
my meditation

# 601.
empty - but of what?
rather filled to the brim
with emptiness

# 600.
silence, silence -
after the wind you hear
snow-flakes falling

# 599.
morning bus darkness -
the day that usually breaks
in Viby, at least

# 598.
still, it´s just
what you can see that
has a limit

# 597.
..like a WAVE!
- breaks, gathers force beneath
the cool surface

# 596.
on the morning bus:
and the autumn dawn
that never comes

# 595.
sun at dawn
seems to rise downwards
underneath the clouds

# 594.
autumn rain

# 593.
just as dawn
was clearing - rain clouds

# 592.
whirling autumn leaves:
just letting go, just letting
themselves be fallen

# 591.
like last night´s dream
the fog is gently dissolved
by the morning sun

# 590.
though bright sunshine -
a cool notion of autumn
in the morning breeze

# 589.
clear and sharp border -
but the horizon always
promise a beyond

# 588.
look down a second -
and that hovering falcon
is just gone

# 587.
ah! up, at last!
what a view over
the next ascent

# 586.
to let go
even the thought of
letting go

# 585.
practice! practice!
no motion, no

# 584.
breath in, breathe -
first summer rain
oxygen shock

# 583.
abandon the art -
start all over again

# 582.
light spring rain -
remember when it had pleased
frozen winter soul

# 581.
gloves, umbrella -
feel just as fooled on
the last of april

# 580.
april dawn -
snow still lying
in the shadows

# 579.
disappointed steps:
carrying his skateboard
in the slush

# 578.
snow covered golf course -
only the greens are...
...well, green...

# 577.
no poetry
from going jogging
on a treadmill

# 576.
into the darkness
on the morning bus steps
a happy person

# 575.
today´s raining
slowly transforms to snow
at dusk

# 574.
cold and lonely:
forgotten winter glove
at the bus stop

# 573.
snow - -
- - - - -
- - -

# 572.
- up north snow -

# 571.
and hiding in the
november fog

# 570.
I know, I know -
autumn leaves as yellow
in sun, in rain

# 569.
out jogging...
afterwards I realize
autumn leaves falling

# 568.
dense morning fog...
wakens curiosity -
what´s hiding...?

# 567.
september dawn:
seems like the sun is
sleeping late

# 566.
hold my breath -
late in late august
and it´s pouring

# 565.
rain clouds moving
here, there - or at all?
trace of autumn

# 564.
in the hammock:
scent of new-mown grass
from the neighbours´

# 563.
blackbird chattering
warning! cat! warning! cat!
- rests unruffled

# 562.
and I let
myself fall

# 561.
also the

# 560.
time takes
a deep breath
at dusk

# 559.
weeds -
hiding underneath
the ferns

# 558.
chilly spring winds -
still, the sun is warm behind
my office window

# 557.
too cold to sit
underneath our flowering
bullace tree

# 556.
two days iaido -
meanwhile, winter aconite
burst into blossom

# 555.
twenty minutes of
waiting for the bus - so falls
a lonely snowflake

# 554.
really missed it -
the morning embellished by
bird song

# 553.
cold, dark -
three months
til may

# 552.
two dog owners
exchange some quick words -
surely ´bout the storm

# 551.
a clear day
they say you can see Bornholm -
not today

# 550.
winter morning bus -
feel like in a movie
by Miyazaki

# 549.
cold winter rain -
and even I long for
the snow

# 548.
distant dark clouds -
only traces of rainy
autumn morning

# 547.
first frost -
and it feels like something
is lost

# 546.
hear autumn rain -
no, hear drops hitting
the greenhouse roof

# 545.
good day for picnic -
in spite of this
persistent rain

# 544.
midsummer -
and still, it just
barely started

# 543.
sign of spring:
that we are collecting
signs of spring

# 542.
the rain
didn´t melt
all the snow

# 541.
culture shock:
coming home from Goa to
shoveling snow

# 540.
pink arrow
in the morning sky:
pointing eastwards

# 539.
morning bus:
hint of dawn already
in Skånes Viby

# 538.
to write haiku on
snow and severe cold

# 537.
deeply embedded in
snow and cold

# 536.
welcome, rain -
at least, it´s not
snow, yet

# 535.
put on hat and gloves
tomorrow morning

# 534.
late August evening -
reminds me to buy
more wood

# 533.
clear blue sky -
light drizzle, these words
out of the void

# 532.
meditating -
meanwhile: two, maybe three
new bamboo shoots

# 531.
asphalt wet of rain -
and I´m just humming
Elmore James

# 530.
cold May rain -
freezing hands, freezing

# 529.
green tea, evening sun
in just now spring cleaned
japanese garden

# 528.
dawn in March:
and the sun has really

# 527.
white white white
sky sea land - just one
crack in the ice

# 526.
turning -
hibernation calm
but darn cold

# 525.
returned - with glistening
winter morning

# 524.
just two miles north:
the very first red

# 523.
weeding -
maybe the last
this year

# 522.
while I was running
- poetry in motion -
the haiku appeared

# 521.
of autumn - the birds´

# 520.
light rain -
no problem this first day of
summer vacation

# 519.
leaving home:
almost rain
at work: sun

# 518.
when the wind abates:
the last magnolia
gently falls

# 517.
vast fields -
in the corner a sole

# 516.
cool spring morning sun -

# 515.
were the rapeseed fields
really this yellow -
just yesterday?

# 514.
two morning degrees
still, the winter jacket
is way too warm

# 513.
small patches
of snow - no wait!
wood anemones!

# 512.
spring dusk
dark pine silhouettes in
quiet waiting

# 511.
first ladybird -
the next day there are five on
the shovel´s handle

# 510.
field ploughed for spring
against a tender background
of lightest green

# 509.
out came the sun
and dried up all the rain
that melted the snow

# 508.
let the thought go -
and spring suddenly took
one step closer

# 507.
in the shade
the snow shines

# 506.
across the creek...
cat - slowly, slowly
on thin ice

# 505.
snowing all night...
first snowman is done
at 06.45

# 504.
spices, computers -
next to camel heads and shoes:
souk of Inzgane

# 503.
djemma el fna:
the dancing snakes,
snow-covered mountains

# 502.
also my
frost in the ground...

# 501.
at this time
usually it has started
getting light

# 500.
nothing special -
just another cold
winter morning

# 499.
low, orange red...
winter sun leaves such
cold shadows

# 498.
morning jam
these long lines of
white lights, red lights

# 497.
on stage: gloomy poet
filling autumn dusk with

# 496.
distant sky -
maybe the rain stops
up ahead

# 495.
piles of beets -
can´t really believe
the snow up north

# 494.
tired, cold, rainy morning
after coming home

# 493.
and she: but then
you´ve got it all for yourselves -
our own laughs

# 492.
sea-stacks of Fårö:
tales told in the storm
barely audiable

# 491.
so desolate:
the ferry to Gotland
in September

# 490.
at last!
stove season

# 489.
further up north
leaves turned red

# 488.
on my bike-ride:
pouring down

# 487.
getting dark...
even the surprise
surprises me

# 486.
getting dark...
already? - just as surprised
as every year

# 485.
clouds rising -
snow-covered alps
on scanian plains

# 484.
first day
after vacation:
rain, of course...

# 483.
first second
of summer vacation:

# 482.
outside: too hot
air conditioned bus -
too cold...

# 481.
first chill of
evening dew

# 480.
in no time:
to get fed up with
longed-for rain

# 479.
quiet creek...
still: runs faster
than I walk

# 478.
coming home...
the magnolia´s petals
scattered in the wind

# 477.
the first fly
on the first lunch
on the patio

# 476.
how can this sunbeam
feel cold -

# 475.
inspired -
by yet another grey
rainy day

# 474.
out of the snowstorm:
a motorcykle
slowly, slowly

# 473.
grey-white sky
side-face: avenue of willows
black arable land

# 472.
dull sun at dusk...
last week

# 471.
in the distant, rumours:
the first crane

# 470.
strings of steel
deep contrast to

# 469.
at dawn...
turn the light out, put
my book aside

# 468.
awake memories:
recuerdos de la

# 467.
grey day -
and so far
grey year

# 466.
the tired eyes -
rain close to snow...

# 465.
morning fog -
covering the whole country
or just me?

# 464.
three distant black bulls
and the snow that fell
last night

# 463.
the sun on the last
yellow leaf

# 462.
everlasting -
image of this snow flake
long ago melted

# 461.
piling up -
still, so many leaves
on the trees

# 460.
morning fog -
and I can keep
my eyes closed

# 459.
do spiders drink?
anyway, this web has caught
a day´s ranson of dew

# 458.
north bound
bright piles ov leaves
ferns red

# 457.
breaking the surface
a seal - just as surprised
as I

# 456.
November dew -
cool morning walk
flip flop feet

# 455.
linseed oil, pigment -
with the autumn rain
the room turned grey

# 454.
between autumn storms
the flag all calm
at half mast

# 453.
after vacation
wild strawberries larger than
stone marbles

# 452.
red green black yellow
August´s colourful
tomato salad

# 451.
July    and all
to write about -

# 450.
red? yellow? black? striped?
- so far, all tomatoes are

# 449.
pouring rain -
the Buddha´s eternal smile
with stony face

# 448.
potato plants -
straight lines, calm yearning
for midsummer´s eve

# 447.
just as the choir
struck up the first tune
the rain rell

# 446.
school breaking-up day -
the fields won´t miss
a lonely poppy

# 445.
deep in the shadow...
throgh a watch across the street
the sun´s beams

# 444.
evening sun -
and I watch tv
behind curtains

# 443.
so still
can only ten
windmills be

# 442.
first time this year:
air condition
soothes in the car

# 441.
the first
magnolia flower -
enough said

# 440.
April sun -
but the most heat from
the evening fire

# 439.
spring breeze
and I understand the birds
that return

# 438.
peering -
persistent piles of snow
in the shadow

# 437.
first March rain
carry a hint, a fragrance
of spring

# 436.
covering snow:
the only light from
the stone lantern

# 435.
life and death
both captured
in the soil

# 434.
trace of a lonely cat
in the frost

# 433.
light snow fall
each flake clear
in the streetlight

# 432.
smile: out there
it´s not pitch black any more -
though early morning

# 431.
if - and how - to fulfill
emotions, thoughts, dreams...

# 430.
in the storm...
bamboo rest peacefully
flat on its back

# 429.
I am no mountain
to climb, am no air
to be breathed

# 428.
mist rising
as morning slowly breaks...
new day, new year, new -

# 427.
snow sea ice steam
like me rising falling -
the warmth, the cold

# 426.
thin ray of sun -
a scalpel through
heavy rain clouds

# 425.
quiet wings
and the rain that keeps on

# 424.
"Lighthousekeeping" -
let myself get washed away
by the waves

# 423.
windmills turning
so happy they seem about
early winter storms

# 422.
confused -
after the rain came snow
but there should have been...

# 421.
Storm approaching -
I? Close window shutters,
pile up wood.

# 420.
not this morning
- but any day now -
lawn covered with frost

# 419.
waiting torpor -
autumn sown garlic
in damp soil

# 418.
wind all calm:
the fog must be released
by its own power

# 417.
tractor turning;
first line ploughed
of infinite field

# 416.
saving up light, warmth
(good to have later)
walking in autumn dew

# 415.
all leaves, not as leaves

# 414.
these rain clouds...
how can you tell if it´s
already evening?

# 413.
slowly -
the landscape (like me)
approach autumn

# 412.
late summer rain -
and the lawn is brought
back to life

# 411.
the fertile:
darkness between

# 410.
ringing bells
time to wake, to awake
sand whirling

# 409.
vacation -
but the blackbird´s singing

# 408.
for the poem
that I keep within me
I apologize

# 407.
catching light
saving up for later...
darker, already

# 406.
small spots of light
put the room in darkness -

# 405.
the salt in the sea
soothes dazzled eyes
mosquito bites

# 404.
guess: a hawk a shadow
of dew

# 403.
planting moss
so fragile, so please:
watch your step

# 402.
returning echoes
questions reflected
in deep wells

# 401.
travel, like dust

# 400.
wet sand -
the imprint remains until
the wave wipes out

# 399.
this spring morning
overnight all the trees
turned green

# 398.
coffee filled thermos
sand still damp and cold
remain standing

# 397.
moments of light
remember sounds, smells

# 396.
murmuring street drain
with the melting snow
dullness disappears

# 395.
hot drive-through coffee
empyt parking lot
waiting, waiting

# 394.
another haiku
glittering in the sun -
waiting out there

# 393.
dark red flower bud
takes its time

# 392.
in the rain:
a lonely, quiet

# 391.
rugged instruments
of brass and wood

# 390.
birds chirping!
awake this morning
awake this year

# 389.
damp stepping stones
a wooden footbridge fade
into the ferns

# 388.
search for the first trace of
winter aconite

# 387.
midday thaw -
but the drop freeze to ice
in the fall

# 386.
stillness subsides
´til spring equinox

# 385.
mile-wide glassy ice
across the horizon:
lone skatesailer

# 384.
let go
- of all I cling to -
of the letting go

# 383.
darkness falls
as do the temperature
and me: falling

# 382.
dreadfully cold
and he, with a longing smile:
just like Arjeplog

# 381.
stare at the mirror -
at the reflection of
what others see

# 380.
whirling snow
- long both out and in -
stove crackling

# 379.
snow-filled sky
meets white winter fields
in front of my toes

# 378.
and when the snow
finally came
it never stopped

# 377.
last bus home
one by one gets off
swallowed by darkness

# 376.
deserted fields
sole house lit up
for christmas

# 375.
dark within darkness
a glimmer of sadness pass

# 374.
row of willows
complain at pain and boredom
in the head wind

# 373.
from within
distant smile -

# 372.
wintery winds
carry me back

# 371.
seems so fragile
lonely candle-light
blinds this autumn night

# 370.
hot shower
stains removed
and I breathe

# 369.
handful -
soil damp, cold
curious worm

# 368.
the rain -
and up north, snow

# 367.
dark evening -
never, never count

# 366.
so came the frost
glimmering, and melting
in the morning sun

# 365.
brand new
still marked by patina
church´s copper roof

# 364.
autumn wind
eyes closed - can never be
spring breeze

# 363.
on my way home
stop to pick up
my present me

# 362.
sun rising
and I am a part of
the return

# 361.
midnight bath:
crush that still surface
crush that silence

# 360.
meet this classmate:
she doesn´t remember me
(I don´t, either)

# 359.
wait for a ride
my old name cut
in the park bench

# 358.
even Thomas Strandberg
with hair cut short

# 357.
old stories
can´t even remember
what I´ve forgotten

# 356.
quiet, still
the lake of Råda
my thoughts

# 355.
all seems the same:
the trees, the ironworks

# 354.
so far away
- the old home town -
in time, space

# 353.
cool breeze from the sea
just like if nature
slowly exhales

# 352.
tranquil lostness
travelling through forests
foggy night

# 351.
field just harvested
thrasher quiet, waiting
as the day breaks

# 350.
plum stones
echoes of future fallings
in the back yard

# 349.
calm forest lake
rain clouds pass quietly
across the surface

# 348.
the sky released
two minutes of pouring rain
cat soaking wet

# 347.
slowly peeled
ah! the fragrance!

# 346.
cup full of tea -
to see its emptiness
you must see it

# 345.
crystal-clear pond
old water-mill
slow wheel turning

# 344.
spider caught
on and on and on
spinning its web

# 343.
tidal waves breaking
- almost summer morning -
ready to withdraw

# 342.
radio babbling
how the weather´s been, will be
mild glittering rain

# 341.
morning shadows
soft against closed eyes
bus half awake

# 340.
falcon hovering
rabbit runs, stops, runs
at dusk

# 339.
endless dandelion fields
lonely cowslip

# 338.
tiny wave
captured within
huge wave

# 337.
train bound for Holte
birches put out leaves

# 336.
glittering sun
in the eyes of children
sea reflected

# 335.
words stuck
- green grass red roofs -
on the surface

# 334.
so come cold winds
winter still distant
early spring

# 333.
calves, lambs
beside heavy mothers
sudden jumps for joy

# 332.
hedges and birches
dressed in palest shade of green
lazy afternoon

# 331.
morning paper
cold damp patio
from night´s rain

# 330.
heavy rocks
hold their place in the sun
softly polished

# 329.
beach filled with smiles
first day of spring sun
waves breaking

# 328.
beach deserted
winter sun low, sharp
waves breaking

# 327.
memories promise of spring
on the table

# 326.
in the window
full moon reflected
sun rising

# 325.
cool gang of youths
bare spots of winter fields
Canada geese

# 324.
quick quiet sigh
thoughts not yet thought reflected
snow falling again

# 323.
white versus grey
the dualism of
winter morning

# 322.
melting snow
caught by cold
to ice

# 321.
turn towards spring
darkness not as dark
not as early

# 320.
sudden insight
the sun that´s been up
for half an hour

# 319.
through fatigue boredom
winter marsh

# 318.
change in the wind
falcon parry
sight fixed

# 317.
flickering candle
surrounded embraced
infinite darkness

# 316.
six thirty
dawn or dusk
may I choose?

# 315.
- bus still far away -
or tense waiting

# 314.
empty trails
distance in time, space
footsteps in snow

# 313.
deserted skies
shadows of restless birds
against dawn

# 312.
empty whisper
let go and let fall
transparent pale

# 311.
north-east bound
in rear-view mirror
winter sunset

# 310.
snow - cold - dark
and me as surprised
as last year

# 309.
dark fields dark clouds
cut by thin line of light
feels like snow

# 308.
mirrored in darkness
double glass, double meaning
inside, outside

# 307.
rake leaves
hard work shadowed
neighbours´ maple

# 306.
just above roof-tops:
first beams of morning
slip in the frost

# 305.
lonely autumn leaf
still buoyant...
puddle of water

# 304.
waiting -
dawn silently pass
the firmament

# 303.
autumn storm...
the sun summer warm
behind bay windows

# 302.
missing: alley cat
found by the roadside
grey day trip

# 301.
last ones taken:
"pick your own sunflowers"
first night frost

# 300.
late night flight...
from above tiny streetlights
point at darkness

# 299.
before autumn rains...
piles of withered leaves
laughing children

# 298.
silent morning fog...
even the clouds
need some rest

# 297.
September cranes -
escape autumn´s cool notion
of loneliness

# 296.
the cool in the wind:
in spite of clear blue skies
of sun-heated sea

# 295.
like a drop of rain -
want to live without worries
peacefully fall

# 294.
after vacation:
assignments to accomplish
poems to write

# 293.
came sun, came warmth -
two days of no rain
already too dry...

# 292.
don´t want to combine
"coldest", "summer" and "ever" -
wake by the fire

# 291.
splashes of colour
by the roadside:
poppy, wild chervil

# 290.
three weeks of spring rain -
long to be refreshed
by summer nights

# 289.
middle of June:
already the summer green
gets deeper, darker

# 288.
in the vase: flowers
three future apples
that never will fall

# 287.
billowing oat fields:
one straw rising, uncahined
alone in the wind

# 286.
calm, still:
not even with great effort
a thought arise

# 285.
the great mystery:
bumblebees, apple flowers -
just leave it alone

# 284.
no poem:
spring rain in Prague, created
moment by moment

# 283.
no distant fog -
just the drowsiness
in my eyes

# 282.
how unfair:
more tired just waken than
when I went to bed

# 281.
first night
with open window -
just for the coolness

# 280.
triptych of nature:
the horizon blurred
by morning fog

# 279.
grass, leaves, moss -
I, not them
long the spring-cleaning

# 278.
two frightened rabbits
hurry across the fields -
chasing for meaning?

# 277.
mild breeze
and the greylags are flying
two and two again

# 276.
one single step
one breath, and I´m
filled with spring air

# 275.
at the horizon
willows, illuminated -
(as if they hover)

# 274.
despite the snowfall
still flowering:
winter aconite

# 273.
late evening bus
quiet, calm, half asleep -
still travelling home

# 272.
a welcome noise -
humming radiator as
it got cold again

# 271.
let the moon lead me
through the night - but its gleam is
just a reflection

# 270.
and the snow melted...
strange: just never thought
I´d really miss it

# 269.
Janus´ warnings:
for icy roads, for hopeless
awaiting of spring

# 268.
travelling, swiftly
thoughts, never stopping
across grey fields

# 267.
morning bus wait:
even the ski lovers
curse the snow-fall

# 266.
cotton morning -
can´t tell the fog from the
newly-fallen snow

# 265.
looking out –
darkness has just fallen;
night, but yet day

# 264.
tormented by light;
the eyes so used to grey -
then the sun rose

# 263.
they speak of storms
snow, rain - and I? Fall asleep
beside the fire

# 262.
out of darkness, rain:
imagine something in there
huddle, close myself

# 261.
the dull sound of
windshield wipers -
rain turns to snow

# 260.
a perfect v sign
cuts through the morning sky
my dreams of warmth

# 259.
oh this truth –
that also its opposite
is the truth

# 258.
don´t wake me -
not yet, not too soon
take a detour here...

# 257.
falling -
only then can I slow down

# 256.
everything in one sentence
out of emptiness

# 255.
search in the fog
light, darkness - doesn´t matter
as long as I find

# 254.
her dreaming eyes...
so alive, though caught
in oil, on canvas

# 253.
Monday alarm clock -
still dreaming, hoping it´s just
Saturday mistake

# 252.
harvest all gathered -
last tractor ready
for hibernation

# 251.
ah, night frost!
immortalized in crystals
til the sun rises

# 250.
light of the office:
an overhead projector -
I smile in the rain

# 249.
at the viewpoint:
dawn archipelago made
of tree-tops and fog

# 248.
at last -
cold enough outside to
light a fire

# 247.
autumn, welcome -
dear friend, release my senses
in cool high pressures

# 246.
summer night darkness:
pale bamboo beats, calling
for seasons´ changes

# 245.
tired of fatigue -
but it also weakens
inner enemy

# 244.
morning dew
damp barefoot toes
reminds of autumn

# 243.
late summer, late night
chock: streetlights already?
hurry on my bike...

# 242.
calming my mind...
never stilled: my legs´
mosquito bites

# 241.
murmuring fountain -
frog, ready to jump...
third place: bronze

# 240.
butterfly saxophone
blue wing-beats - but sweetest
the silence between

# 239.
spoken truths
vague words, never
morning wind

# 238.
neglected -
indoor flowers suffer
in summer-time

# 237.
protected in here...
alone in silent stillness -
hear the summer storm

# 236.
through tulle curtain falls
the shadow of a shadow
on the blind

# 235.
summer idleness:
lawn-mower silence
dandelion joy

# 234.
unexpected rain
(they had promised none...)
hearted down

# 233.
the old dam
architecture centuries old
streams of water, time

# 232.
cascades of light -
know they are there,
above rainy clouds

# 231.
A fragrance, and I´m
gone to my childhood´s landscapes.
Eternal, like me.

# 230.
Silent dreams
beech spring leaf quilt -
far from dawn.

# 229.
Let a daydream slip;
force myself to breathe.
Tea bitter and cold.

# 228.
Just one more warm day
magnolia in bloom.
Just one more day.

# 227.
Strolling in spring sun:
headache by the warmth
and enjoy it...

# 226.
Outside the window
the sky turns into spring night -
just too slow.

# 225.
And the snow falls...
on people dressed for spring.
"Fools", said April.

# 224.
Village creek still
boats early launched
wavering winter

# 223.
Beneath the fog
crouch gagea, winter aconite.
Fading to pale green.

# 222.
With warmth and light came...
pain, hate, sorrow, wrath; and I
had longed so for spring...

# 221.
Brimstone butterfly:
come, rest - just a sole moment,
on untrained bare arm...

# 220.
One blink, and your I
reveals itself through the weave.
Secret ill-concealed.

# 219.
And the birch that fell...
fell, victim of winter storm.
Before the silence.

# 218.
Driving through the fog...
following a single guide:
a pair of red eyes.

# 217.
Falling is a star:
leaves behind a notion of
flat abandonment.

# 216.
Winter waves crushing...
won’t even walk the pace of
mothers with babies...

# 215.
Light distant snowfall,
embedding the frozen ground.
Sauna steam rising.

# 214.
Opening, closing;
the softness of nature´s breath.
So please: be quiet.

# 213.
From grey, rain flowing;
no bright or glittering views.
Firewood crackling.

# 212.
Resting by the creek;
in its winter drowsiness
I go with the flow.

# 211.
Shadowing maples;
through the boughs I catch a glimpse
of my reflection.

# 210.
Quite still: a seagull
like a photo in the sky,
taken by the storm.

# 209.
Shadows in cool dance:
a real illusion, tempting
just my mind, not me.

# 208.
Night of rain and storm -
just one, and the snow gave up.
Let the darkness out.

# 207.
Even the vast sea:
beseiged, see its waves frozen,
sleeping in calm ice.

# 206.
Search in memory -
can long another time, place.
Always wake up here.

# 205.
And so the night falls:
long its softness, protection.
So I also fall.

# 204.
Bare second of peace:
from the depth, echoes arise
from stilled, quiet streams.

# 203.
Being merely air -
breathing in and breathing out.
Come darkness, come light.

# 202.
Instant piece of art:
maple in frosted glory
captured by daybreak.

# 201.
The only solace?
Hibernation sleep carries
a promise of spring.

# 200.
On morning table:
newspaper and cold coffee -
I just stir and stir.

# 199.
But in the mirror
reality appeared, still,
just not your shadow.

# 198.
Grey - dark grey, light grey;
even the geranium
fades into red grey.

# 197.
Now, just awaiting
to be numbed by snow falling;
covered in cold peace.

# 196.
Soft wind carries mind...
want to, but cannot, deny
my weary yearning.

# 195.
Hazy set of tones...
an out of tune scale, climbing -
sweet disharmony.

# 194.
Trying to protest...
but can, alone, merely
raise my fragile fist.

# 193.
Alone in the woods;
out of the mist, memories
rise, rove and disperse.

# 192.
Autumn pass, streaming;
tiny raindrops overflow
the hand I stretch out.

# 191.
Slowly flowing by:
thoughts are escaping, while I
still fumble for them.

# 190.
So sleep, dear garden;
sweet dreams of high pressures, and
drizzles of summer.

# 189.
Sun, baths, warm beaches;
severe is October´s yearn.
Shelter from the rain.

# 188.
To witness true life:
in the passionated dance
of a leaf falling.

# 187.
Turn around - I know:
on the southern hemisphere
your autumn is spring.

# 186.
Storm, rain, darkness, frost -
just time- and weightless changes;
stages passing by.

# 185.
See you, you see me;
still yet: one day younger than
we´ll be tomorrow.

# 184.
Captured still alive -
but the photo´s colours have
silently faded.

# 183.
Windmill on the plains
slowly turns in the twilight.
Songes of emptiness.

# 182.
Under autumn´s cloak:
smiling leaves and lips of gold
wither in your hand.

# 181.
Loneliness of time -
we linger; our memories
leave without a trace.

# 180.
Pendulum swinging...
that also we, and our lives,
once will be laughed at.

# 179.
In unconsciousness:
thoughts wandering, neck bent in
unintended prayer.

# 178.
Dark, cold autumn nights...
it´s time to burn stearin,
to huddle, at last.

# 177.
City of childhood:
secret memories unveiled.
Meeting with my self.

# 176.
Sorrow´s bridal veil:
tears of invigoration,
drowsy autumn leaves.

# 175.
Quick! Look! But your eyes
aren´t fast enough to record
the sheer of the bat.

# 174.
Mead beseiged by haze:
can but suspect the roebuck.
Shadow or just wind?

# 173.
Wild ducks, frogs and toads -
arising from the silence
when the car has stopped.

# 172.
Awaiting autumn -
the hedge that needs to be trimmed,
honey sweetened tea.

# 171.
Not just a dreamer:
the swallow is preparing
to move to the warmth.

# 170.
More mellow than spring,
cooler, smoother than summer:
first dew of autumn.

# 169.
Bed of glowing coal -
not to walk, just barbeque
corn and zucchini.

# 168.
Midnight waves crushing -
rest, at last, won´t come until
light at early dawn.

# 167.
Reflection of depth -
what´s in the mirror´s mirror?
Scent newly cut grass.

# 166.
Oh no! Not again!
Suddenly there´re no more of
this year´s strawberries.

# 165.
Just the same sweet taste.
Climbed in vain to the top of
that mulberry-tree.

# 164.
Swift sketches in ink:
brushes dancing on paper.
Capturing essence.

# 163.
Know: the clock´s ticking.
But I have sat myself down,
just to transcend time.

# 162.
Just one single thought:
not to be distrubed by that
pertinacious fly.

# 161.
The rain and thunder -
on and on for a week now.
Sun-tanned from within.

# 160.
Gone astray: freedom.
In sandstorm of "should" and "want",
in desert of "must".

# 159.
Cat flat on the porch -
mind, feelings unreadable.
In powerful rest.

# 158.
The dust settles down;
the sight becomes crystal clear
here in the dark cave.

# 157.
Long the hills of Rome:
shining marble rests its head
in rootless sorrow.

# 156.
Slow rain drizzling down;
waking the midsummer´s day.
The void just turned, slipped.

# 155.
Rainy and damp streets;
relieved asphalt, concrete, steel.
The dust calmed to peace.

# 154.
The brush in the ink;
just one thought and all is gone.
Go back to stillness.

# 153.
Wake in solitude:
weariness, dear enemy,
embrace me at last.

# 152.
In summer calmness:
empty spaces filled with warmth.
Breath of silence, life.

# 151.
The sun´s paradox:
that the wonder of it is
to sit in the shade.

# 150.
Rust, flakes, ashes, dust;
the fly in the spider web.
Deep breath, smile, and scream.

# 149.
Taming too tight;
too fixated on this point.
Jumble of swallows.

# 148.
Straight through the water:
glittering pillars of light.
Docking in, slowly.

# 147.
A company leaves...
the tip carries their traces.
Echoes of pictures.

# 146.
First rain of season
that soothes, that does not chill.
Wild geese heading north.

# 145.
Such long shadows thrown
by such lonely grains of dust.
Nasty morning sun.

# 144.
Well, so just let go.
Freely hovering: no weight
all pain extingushed.

# 143.
Close to stilled hunger;
saffron, sesame seeds, soy.
And: fresh, green, hot tea.

# 142.
Lowered eyes: waiting.
A single movement may seize
your very last dream.

# 141.
Close to the centre:
though loaded with more power
the wheels don´t spin off.

# 140.
May: flourishing dreams;
negative exposure of
autumn abstruseness.

# 139.
Waves; slowly turning -
never the same water, but
always the same guise.

# 138.
Can´t hurry or stress:
birches don´t burst into leaves
´til their time has come.

# 137.
Too early morning:
eyes swollen, but the sun has
already risen.

# 136.
Boring scales and drills:
my neighbour´s opera voice - I
long the concerto.

# 135.
Try to be patient;
can at least smile at my own
desire to long.

# 134.
The power I felt,
that I thought was eternal:
suddenly vanished.

# 133.
Strange glowing fire:
even I, who fed it logs,
complain of the heat.

# 132.
Mountains shall meet sea:
the spring creek yearns not for peace.
Exploding of life.

# 131.
Saturday: working.
The warmth came at last this year.
But me, I´m working.

# 130.
Unwanted sign of
spring: a swarm of newly hatched,
starving mosquitos.

# 129.
A dim beam of light.
Today: cannot see clearly
of my own power.

# 128.
Remember Ubud:
rice fields, the busy market -
fresh cut papaya.

# 127.
This is a haiku.
So many lines anyway,
so little to say.

# 126.
Look into the eyes
of the shark: didn´t it smile
quite indulgently?

# 125.
Slowly vanishing:
the clouds that hid the high roofs.
In a blink: all gone.

# 124.
The bay of Hanö
prepares to again warm up.
Still: the sand is cool.

# 123.
Fog in the distant:
no, I´m not yearning for it,
not any longer.

# 122.
Cracks in the spring ice:
they do not let me fall down
but rather rise up.

# 121.
As always, lonely:
contemplate myself too deep
in the city crowd.

# 120.
A cool swan, swimming -
peaceful, happy, and grateful
for the flooded fields.

# 119.
Eager to break free -
want to rest with butterflies
in ultra rapid.

# 118.
Wake up! But please, please -
I´m dreaming beautiful dreams
about painless flames.

# 117.
The concrete, resting -
in early morning, walking,
I can hear its breath.

# 116.
Got a sharp notion
in the corner of my eye:
hint of clear blue skies.

# 115.
It´s time to exhale,
to clean up and to clear out
the winter supplies.

# 114.
Ok, I admit.
Fooled again, but I really
didn´t want more snow.

# 113.
Facing a change: what
do I fear more than throwing
myself off a cliff?

# 112.
Have stilled myself here.
Words are flowing, without me
noticing at all.

# 111.
Turning point: the sun.
A glimpse of warmth in shelter:
brings hopes for the spring.

# 110.
No stress, no hurry.
Harmony, balance, and joy.
Successfully purged.

# 109.
Still in the headwind:
tormenting, but saving me
from falling forwards.

# 108.
The evening subsides.
Imagine, that there is so
much peace anyway.

# 107.
Reaching out to touch:
the leaves help me understand,
and to be, to breathe.

# 106.
A mirage in view:
snow melting, dripping in thaw.
Still February.

# 105.
Dancing reflection
of the sun - suddenly I
just must laugh out loud.

# 104.
Stressed in cold morning.
Rounding a corner, I am
dazzled by the moon.

# 103.
Question: night or day?
Do you merely look out
of your own windows?

# 102.
Capturing the wind;
the grove calms, relieves - and sprouts
from the oxygen.

# 101.
Snow-covered playground
- wet seesaw, muddy sand-pit -
long for spring´s children.

# 100.
Sitting in stillness:
five rays of light dance for me.
Don´t worry at all.

# 99.
Calming down the flame -
cover my hands to protect.
Am warmed by the joy.

# 98.
Soft winter drizzle:
purifying, melting down
a dirty snow-drift.

# 97.
Slow stream of thoughts, dreams;
caught in the act of stumbling,
of meandering.

# 96.
Cursed is my fair wind
by people I encounter
on this breezy ice.

# 95.
In hibernation:
await peacefuly bright nights,
fragrances, and warmth.

# 94.
A chance to explore
(a sudden power failure)
the patterns of night.

# 93.
Shiver, but defeat
the urge to set another
unfulfilled promise.

# 92.
Good day for dreaming!
Cheering and wishing wells fill
the darkness of night.

# 91.
Cache a shift in shades -
only a degree´s difference
between snow and bare.

# 90.
Light, warmth, freedom, joy -
what else could you wish for from
the man with the beard?

# 89.
Light passes chrystal;
a rainbow breaks free, to splash
at a beige stone wall.

# 88.
Gently awakens -
the bird´s trilling, quite muffled
protected by snow.

# 87.
my concentration captures
a fragrance long lost.

# 86.
Light evening snowfall:
I tighten my woolen scarf
surrounded by dusk.

# 85.
Am looking southwards;
but how can I be sure where
desire will rest?

# 84.
Hesitate thinking
at all the times that remain.
Long for spring´s warm winds.

# 83.
The warmth inside here -
contrasting clearly enouogh
to the slush outside.

# 82.
Sorry - have been out;
searching for inspiration.
Only found myself.

# 81.
The skin, a filter.
Border between emptiness
and meaninglessness.

# 80.
The sorrow and wrath:
two birds migrating southwards.
Welcome back some day!

# 79.
Scetches on paper:
goals, visions, dreams to be dreamt.
Let them remain there.

# 78.
Am falling, stumbling
in emptiness - but on what
would I like to lean?

# 77.
I continue up,
but the stairs are no longer
marble, just plain rock.

# 76.
Let a notch be cut
in the depth of universe
with a straw of grass.

# 75.
A sight of the sky:
where is darkness, where is light?
How peaceful all turned.

# 74.
Heavy, dark blue clouds.
The green-ness of September leaves
slowly turns yellow.

# 73.
Fog, darkness, cold. But:
the canary´s still chirping.
It´s not all over.

# 72.
The quest of answers:
Follow the messenger´s trails.
Backwards, downwards, in.

# 71.
Wasted energy:
the flights of mighty balloons.
Have you not seen all?

# 70.
The dew deepens, and
is dying down earlier.
Entering November.

# 69.
Radio music
blended with the birds´ whistles.
My ears cannot hear.

# 68.
Stop! Run! Halt! Do you
obey, or do you dare rest
peacefully, today?

# 67.
The apple´s green peel:
perfect, shimmering and sweet.
Rots from the inside.

# 66.
Today´s miracle:
the milky way unified
and galactic peace.

# 65.
Laughter, noise, alarms -
the beach that was deserted
in middle of May.

# 64.
Swelling, sweet and red -
two wild but ripe strawberries
protected by weed.

# 63.
Awaited reward:
when the rain finally fell
evening had arrived.

# 62.
Getting in too close -
lost in trying to see each
leaf in the beech wood.

# 61.
The swan with its neck;
magnificent and frail, just:
don´t stretch out too far.

# 60.
To silently share:
the lady´s mantle reveals
its morning treasure.

# 59.
My newly washed shirt -
drying in the sun and wind.
I can only wait.

# 58.
Life - all in the soil:
indomitable weed, and
beauty of tulips.

# 57.
The answer will come
with the thunder, or quiet:
rain in early May.

# 56.
All these thoughts - rising
and falling, collapsing. Just
one little second.

# 55.
Live on the border;
know that I shouldn´t value
or sort out my thoughts.

# 54.
August has arrived -
the birds all silent, and I
long for autumn rain.

# 53.
A view from my old home:
the throb of the smithy, and
the sorrow and doubt.

# 52.
In the morning light;
searching for lost memories
from the night´s battle.

# 51.
So still, so quiet:
the green taste of fresh made tea
and sound from the stream.

# 50.
Not then nor before;
dancing in the pictures of
bogs and mountains lost.

# 49.
Know it all so well.
Know, feel - but have not myself
stood there bare naked.

# 48.
Songs from far away -
in time, in space, but also
deep in the future.

# 47.
The pen my white stick:
damn the stickiness of words!
How will I get through?

# 46.
We all stand equal to
the freedom of emptiness.
You. I. Them. Us. All.

# 45.
All that´s demanded -
the courage to stand, to see -
drains me of power.

# 44.
A rose - so simple.
Such a pathetic picture.
The turn of the tide.

# 43.
Weakened by sorrow -
a fear amongst so many.
Enter to its depth.

# 42.
Sadness and longing:
embedding you as softly
as thorns made of steel.

# 41.
When? How? Why? Who? Where?
The answers have screamed me deaf.
I can hear no more.

# 40.
Beyond the wind of
darkness: extinguish the light
to let it just flow.

# 39.
A challenge of will:
I let all my thoughts run free
to regain my strength.

# 38.
Slowly - gently - light.
Softly, but neither the cold
do I now yearn for.

# 37.
Did you ever think -
I was merely a shadow
but felt your darkness.

# 36.
Forever flowing -
don´t escape, don´t fear the sword.
Don´t crave victory.

# 35.
All it takes - to be
whole is not done in a haste.
You dare to forget?

# 34.
Dull, dark winter night -
despite my neighbours´ complaints
I smile in the cold.

# 33.
Leaving all that´s safe
as well as all I have been.
Stepping into Now.

# 32.
Like a laser cuts
- same sharpness, same light and heat -
through your eyes´ lenses.

# 31.
I´m dreaming; maybe
is this the reality?
Winter turned to spring.

# 30.
You search for the peaks
and all-time lows - but maybe
happiness is plain?

# 29.
Celebrate this life
- a party with no hangovers.
Widen your pupil.

# 28.
Salt taste on my tongue:
by the mirror where you stood
your picture remains.

# 27.
Longing for the night
to protect my inner self -
I curse that damned moon.

# 26.
From the balcony:
a gleam of the sea, and the
breeze relieves and heals.

# 25.
My thoughts are slithering -
like a brook in early May
so hard to let go.

# 24.
The inner battle:
your eyes must be extinguished
to let new light in.

# 23.
My ego rises
reaching to unknown limits:
stuck with the demon.

# 22.
I stop and behold -
see this angel made of snow
mourning for the spring.

# 21.
Seek in the darkness;
thoughtlessness, feelinglessness -
Light. Warmth. Freedom. One.

# 20.
Receive the sign of
the eye - reminding me of
what is left behind.

# 19.
Speak of your path to
change, silently, just like the
snow melts to water.

# 18.
You stop; rest your mind
in peace - stranger than that is
not necessary.

# 17.
You ask: who? where? when?
- I know, because I can breathe.
Disturb me no more.

# 16.
Silent, the river
creates and destroys the streams -
I smile at the sun.

# 15.
Outside the rain pours;
when I rise from my pillow
the dew still remains.

# 14.
Darkness, depths; one sight
of conscious breath and I am
surrounded by peace.

# 13.
The trees extend their
thinnest of fingers, but rest
safely in their roots.

# 12.
Hear! The windchimes´ song
rings clear, and forces you to
long for your hometown.

# 11.
Like the rain that falls
on my tent; later it´s dried
by the sun - conscious.

# 10.
I used to be free
as wind; but my freedom was
hidden behind walls.

# 9.
See others´ suffer-
you really think I don´t care?
About death and pain?

# 8.
Do your sights turn out?
All the things your eye can see
are only inside.

# 7.
What is a haiku?
So unimportant to know
when the fog burns off.

# 6.
Looking at the past -
through shades of bloodshot glasses.
Heavenly peace? No.

# 5.
You open your mouth -
to speak up? Or to swallow?
Eternally lost.

# 4.
Others might wonder -
you always carry around
the look on your face.

# 3.
Calm and peaceful mind.
Legs crossed - can you say which one
is the left? The right?

# 2.
Bright star plummeting.
Emptiness: darkness of yours
set free by sputnicks.

# 1.
Endless awaiting:
where do the rainfall of words
lead? Release party.

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