dark autumn clouds -
dissolving, giving a
double dawn

Haiku by Ulf Mohager

Haiku - the old japanese verse form, written in three lines... there are many different views regarding the rules of haiku, how many syllables, what themes could or what subjects are appropriate... in the years, I have followed, and later disregarded, many of them.

Jane Raichhold has a nice collection of haiku rules that has come and gone.

"Learn the rules, then break them" - the words are from Basho, the 18th centyry haku master. Nowdays, I try to do both.

Anyway - I wrote my first haiku in the end of the 20th century, so by now I have written a couple. Read them all on this page!

So, this is my haiku journey. Most important is to breathe - never forget to breathe.

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